Mapleton School offers:

Students a quality education with dedicated staff.


Breakfast and Snack Program

Thanks to donations, community support and many organizations that contribute to our breakfast and snack program we are able to offer students healthy nutritious food to help build their bodies and minds.


Speech/Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Program

Students specific needs are meet with programs developed by our LSSD team of clinicians and support staff.


Reading Recovery

Students work one on one with a trained teacher to help develop their reading skills.


School Guidance Counselor

Students mental health needs are meet through friendship groups. One on one support is available with referrals from the school, parents or students themselves that need to talk.


Physical Education

We have dedicated staff that offer quality physical education programming, as well as, extra-curricular activities to help keep students bodies active and healthy.



Our staff is committed to offering students opportunities in the performing arts.


Technology Education

Students are developing their technology skills with a variety of coding experiences.